AssayLocker provides a unique and innovative assay management platform to communicate assay results between parties, provides a comprehensive workflow for assay operations and preserves the integrity of the settlement process.

By using AssayLocker, our clients work directly with element level data sent to them by counterparties, inspectors and umpires without the need to transcribe into a spreadsheet. AssayLocker helps manage the entire business workflow of assay operations from initial sampling request through final settlement.

Final settlement results for invoicing are easily calculated using a standard set of rules, including the capability to optimize by ratio for profitable settlement negotiation with a counterparty.

AssayLocker further provides a Business Intelligence solution to create drag and drop reporting for historical, statistical and comparative analysis to help make profitable decisions. Additionally, AssayLocker provides an integration layer to keep our client’s trading system’s P&L and hedging reports up-to-date throughout the entire delivery process.