Amphora Unveils Next Generation Data Analytics Tool AssayLocker

AssayLocker analyzes quality data across all commodity classes to optimize decision-making and identify trends to increase trading profitability 

Amphora, a leading vendor of multi-commodity trading and risk management solutions to streamline operations, reduce transaction costs and manage financial and physical transactions, unveiled today AssayLocker, the next generation data analytics tool for commodity traders.

AssayLocker offers both a comprehensive data warehouse and analytics tool targeted to aid Amphora’s customers analyse historical data to identify trends and optimise blended decision-making regarding the quality attributes of all commodity classes. AssayLocker offers a seamless experience between decision-making, trade capture, and execution, and can be installed on either the Cloud or on-premise and is integrated with Amphora’s existing CTRM solution.

“AssayLocker empowers our clients to enhance profitability, to predict and to optimize decisions around purchasing, sales, and inventory in line with our vision to provide solutions to the entire commodity value chain,” said Chris Mudry, Amphora CEO. “With our continued investment in new products, including Amphora’s revolutionary Metals Trading Product, we are poised to consistently provide the best solutions to the market.”

Amphora’s partners can use AssayLocker to examine analytics around the quality of commodities they trade, empowering them to make better trading and blending decisions. AssayLocker analytics tool will help commodity traders optimise, predict, and better understand trends in quality data across multiple dimensions.

“As Amphora strives toward introducing new technologies and solutions, we are working to deliver industry-leading data solutions to our customers across the entire commodity value chain,” said John Winn, Amphora CPO. “We look forward to helping our clients maximize value from their data using state-of-the-art data warehouse and analytics tools”.

Amphora, Inc. is the premier software solution provider for commodity trading, logistics and risk management in the global oil, refined, coal, ore, gas, power, metals, concentrates, agriculture and freight marketplace. Founded in 1997, Amphora, Inc. provides enterprise software solutions designed and developed for companies in this market. Amphora’s operations include some of the most experienced software designers, developers and business analysts in the commodities industry today. Since inception, Amphora’s main goal has been to provide the trading community with the most robust, user-friendly, enterprise-wide software package available. Amphora continues to launch new products that address customers’ needs and adjust to dynamic market demands.